Weight: Is always confusing when talking about BBs. Like in a real firearm you have a choice of weights in bullets that you might use all with varying ballistic properties. It is the same in airsoft guns. As the power source is low and relatively inconsistent in comparison to standard rifle cartridges. The BB is the only factor you can really control. There are 2 limiting factors:

1. The amount of pressure used to propel the BB forward.

2. The strength of the spring in the magazine.

Obviously if the spring in the magazine is not able to push the bb up into the chamber area it is impossible to fire the bb out the end of the barrel no matter how much pressure your gun produces. Our conclusion is that the 0.25 gram BB is the best all around weight to use. Heavier and the magazine tends to fail and lighter and you loose maximum penetration power.

Some quick facts about air soft ammunition (bbs):

1. Not the same or even close to conventional copper or lead bb gun ammunition.

2. Never reuse bbs.

3. Weight is important but not crucial.

4. Size and roundness are very important.



Standard electric and single shot airsoft guns can physically fire bbs weighing from 0.10gr to 0.45gr. As single shot and gas blow back airsoft guns do not have the intricate internal systems hat the electric guns have. There is not a recommended range of bb weight for these. Electric (Full size) airsoft guns on the other hand operate best when using bbs that weigh anywhere from 0.2gr and 0.25gr. Using heavier bbs like the 0.3gr are only somewhat detrimental to the mechanism. Reducing the average life of an air gun by 1/8. Were Super Heavy BBs 0.395gr reduce useful life in half. Lighter bbs will not cause problems unless they are substandard in size or shape. Lighter bbs do how ever affect the range and penetration power of the gun. BBs under 0.14gr loss between 1/4 and 1/2 of their effective range or penetrating power due to basic loss of ballistic characteristics.

What weight of bb should I use?

Use the best 6mm plastic BB according to your gun requirement, NEVER USE METAL BB as this will kill your gun instantly.


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