Airsoft scenarios are more interesting and exciting way to play the game. They can be as simple as elimination of the enemy team, capturing or destroying enemy base or any other specific task. Scenarios can be many and varied so here is a quick insight in some of them. These scenarios can be either shorter or longer (whole day, for example) and the duration of the game is based on scenario type and needs of the players.


Room clearing or capturing a territory

1 / 3 of the players are challenged to protect a specific building or territory. Their objective is to protect the territory for as long as possible. An object is usually hid somewhere in the particular territory which is then guarded against attacks of the enemy team. If a defender is hit, they either respawn or proceed to safety zone. 2 / 3 of the players are the attackers and their objective is to capture the defended territory and find and destroy the hidden object. For a more intense game a time limit is introduced in which the task must be completed. If attacking team fail to do their task the defending team wins.


Players are divided into two equal teams. Location of two bases and two prisons is decided. For team A the closest one is prison A1 and for team B it is prison B1. For example, if someone from team A is hit, they go to prison B1 and vice versa. Teammates are released from prison if a player of their team reaches the prison and lets them out. Prisoners must then reach their base in order to be able to use their guns. While en route to the base, prisoners are prohibited from using their guns. If a prisoner is hit while moving to the base, they must return to the prison. The team, in which all players are free and the opponents are jailed, wins.


Planting a bomb

The participants are divided into two equal teams. There are two bases, where each team starts the game and after a certain time period respawns if hit. . In the middle between the two bases in a fairly open place a bomb is placed, which both teams have to detect. Bomb is defused if someone from any of the teams gets to the bomb, picks it up and counts to ten. If a player succeeds, their team wins, but if the player is hit, they return to base and the game continues.


The participants divided into two equal teams and two bases are set. A VIP is hiding somewhere in the field and the objective is to safely deliver the VIP to the players own base. If hit, the VIP must lift one arm into the air and count to thirty. No further movement is allowed while counting. First team to deliver the VIP to their base wins.

Capture the flag

Players divided into two equal teams. Two bases and two flags are set. The objective is to protect teams own flag and to capture opposing teams flag and bring it back. After a certain period of time everyone in the bases respawns. The team which has both flags at their base, wins.

Peacekeeping mission

Afghans and Chechens are fighting wars on their territory for centuries. It's time to divide the territory between the two troubled nations so the UN forces get involved.

Three bases are set - B1, B2 and B3, as well as two prisons - C1 and C2. 13 flags and four ammo boxes are placed all around the game field. Two teams, Chechen and Taliban, have the objective to capture and return to their bases as many flags and ammo boxes as possible.


* One player can carry only one flag or one boxi;

* While carrying the flag or the ammo box, the player is not allowed to use their gun;

* If the flag carrier is hit, the flag has to be put down on the ground and the player has to go to prisonu;

Every ten minutes the prisoners escape. Escapees become refugees (without a gun, but other players are allowed to shoot refugees) and they have to reach their base. If the refugees are hit en route to base they have to return back to prison and wait for next escape, but if they reach their base, they join their team and continue the mission. UN peacekeeping force must protect the flags and chests. UN forces respawn at their base B3, but only when there is even number of players.

SFU mission

Terrorists have invaded Latvia! They have a shelter and hidden nuclear weapons in Kadaga. The Special Forces Unit has to eliminate the terrorists and deliver weapons to safe spot.

SFU start from their base. While the SFU develop an attack strategy, terrorists hide flags in territory, which they then protect. SFU have to find these flags and bring them to safe zone. SFU to terrorists ratio is 3:1. There are marked places on the field where SFU start the gam. SFU are given 2 or 3 medics that are distinguished by the bands on the left shoulder. If SFU member is hit, they lift their hand and remain on the location. Medics can revive their teammates by putting tape around "dead" players wrist. If the revived player is hit again, they go back to the base, where they wait for at least one other teammate and then they return to attack. The same rule applies if a medic is hit. Terrorists are identified by wearing orange scarves. If a terrorist is hit, they go to prison. Every ten minutes the prisoners escape and they continue to protect the flags and try to prevent the SFU from taking them to safety zones. If a SFU member carrying the flag is hit, the flag is put down on the ground and depending on situation, the player either waits for their team medic or goes back to base. After hiding the flags, terrorists can't move them anymore and they can't approach the safe zone by more closer than 30 meters. SFU is is not allowed to be in prision or to be closer than 30 m from prision. A time limit can also be introduced. The team which complete their task, win.


The refugees have reached the border - Kadaga, and there is unrest between Afghans and Chechens. The border area is mined so that no one would dare to trespass. There is only one way to cross the border. Both teams have to help the refugees cross before their opponents have done that!

The two teams have two bases, A and B. In base C, which is in the same distance from base A and base B, the refugees are hiding. There are four checkpoints, through which the teams must lead the refugees before delivering them to base. The refugees are two or three (maybe more). One of the refugees is given ribbons in two different colours for both teams and before the game the teams decide which has which colour. If a team takes a refugee to a checkpoint, the refugee marks the checkpoint with the corresponding teams ribbon. All checkpoints must be marked and the last one is at the base. Refugees can be taken by other team by tapping on shoulder and saying the players team name, like afghans. Refugees must stay close, about 1 m to the team they are following. If any of the refugees is hit, they stop and count slowly to thirty. During this time the refugees are not allowed to move and their leading team has to protect them. When the refugees have counted to thirty the team may again lead the refugees. If anyone from the teams is hit, they lift their arm, return to base and wait for at least one another teammate. Then they return to continue the mission. The refugees may only walk, they can not run. The winners are that team which pass all the checkpoints and take the refugees to their base.

*Game scenarios are not limited to those presented by organizers. If you have a great idea for a scenario, we will be happy to hear from you!


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